Double Glazed Windows

Double Glazed Windows


There is much debate about whether to buy double glazed windows or single glazed windows.

Double glazed windows are becoming a popular item on South African soil used along with the aluminium doors and windows however many are still in a limbo on which option to choose for their renovations or new home this article ill cover some important factors to consider before making your final decision


What is double glazing?

Double glazing refers to a window that has two panes of glass. The main component of the window is the double-glazed sealed unit, also known as an insulated glass unit (IGU) which sits in a frame of uPVC, aluminium or timber.

Double glazed windows are one of the top property improvements chosen by homeowners, because they have a heating and cooling capabilities. Double glazing also reduces outside noise which is another added benefit.


Fun Fact: The term glazing is a specialized window term that derives from the Middle English word for glass.

Single glazed vs double glazed windows

With the correct glass makeup, you can reduce heat loss and reduce the annual cost of your energy bill. Double glazed windows have a heap of other advantages too – for example two panes are much more difficult to smash than one, so they can further increase home security. They are guaranteed to add value to your home if you upgrade from single pane to double glazed windows, as they will increase the overall energy efficiency of the property.



Double Glazed Windows

Single glazing:

  • Do not always require newer frames, can be installed on older frames
  • Low or no insulation, sooner or later the heat outside impacts the inside of your property
  • Low noise protection, noise penetrates more easily on single pane
  • Easier to brake, from a security point of view they make it easy to access your property

Double Glazing

  • Proper Insulation,2 panes of glass vs one pane, making it more insulated by over 60%than normal glazing
  • Energy Efficient, control your energy efficiency and reduce your overall electricity bills
  • Reduction of Noise, double glazing offers a huge reduction on outside noise
  • Aesthetically Appealing, it offers a great finish to any property and a good investment


What should I consider before changing to double glazed windows?

Installing double glazed windows is a bit more expensive than normal glazed windows. This means you need to consider a few things before spending your money

  • Choose carefully

There are many claiming to offer double glazed windows at extremely cheap prices. In a short space of time the glass can break because cheap glass was used. Choose an installer who has many years of experience and can offer the references of previous work done

We at Nzima have over 10 years of experience and enough references to prove that we know what we are doing, we offer great glass and warranty. We also use reputable manufacturers ensuring that from consultation to installation everything runs smoothly and professionally

  • Don’t pay all your money upfront

Some installers want all the funds upfront and half way through the installation they get committed elsewhere or they will need more funds for things they didn’t foresee

We require a deposit to get your installation started and the balance can be paid upon completion. We don’t ask for the full amount as we want to build the trust between Nzima and the client.

Where can I install double glazed windows?

Double glazed windows can replace your old single glazed windows on doors and window frames. You can even consider replacing every glass in your house and converting them to double glazing

It is highly recommended you call one of our consultants to come and do a full site inspection that way you have a professional outlook as to what the costs and requirements will be


Call us today or send us an email and we will gladly set an appointment to come see your premises and offer a professional assessment on your property.

Visit our website and vie some of our work and references of our happy clients



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