Casement Windows, Are they safe?

casement window safety

Casement Windows, Are they safe?

Casement windows are a popular choice today, and rightfully so because they crank open and swing outward, they’re a great choice for homeowners that prefer unobstructed sightlines.

Usually when people talk about casement windows, they’re referring to single casement windows. However, there are many other types of casement windows that you should know about as you consider installing new windows. However, we are focusing on the safety more than how they look like.

Casement Windows Safety

When choosing replacement windows for your home, security is an obvious factor among the many that you should be considering. With casement and double-hung windows finding their way onto the list of the most popular types of windows found on modern homes, it begs the question – are casement windows safe?

The quick answer to this question is a casement window is one of the safer types of windows for a home because when it’s closed and latched, it can’t be opened from outside. In this guide, you’ll learn about the specific reasons why casement window security can’t be exhausted.


It is important to note that no window is 100% secure. If someone wants to get into a home through a window hard enough, they will. But, the type of window they’re trying to get through can make their job either harder or easier. In this regard, casement windows can be considerably harder to break into because of three key features:

  1. The frame on a casement window is tightly sealed when it’s closed and latched
  2. Casement windows can only be opened from the inside
  3. A casement window cannot be forced open from the outside, even with the help of a crowbar

The only easy way an intruder could get into a home through a casement window is to break the glass from the outside and open the window by turning the crank, making it a less attractive option for burglars – simply because of the noise caused by breaking the glass.



There is nothing as painful as having a window that can let in water or you can hear the whistle of winds coming through the window after it has been installed. Casement windows are designed to be both watertight and airtight if fabricated properly. The rubber seals that we use on our casement windows make them airtight and watertight. Top Hung Casement Windows can also keep some of that rainwater even if someone forgot to close them. This is made possible by the tapered drip design of the window.



Casement windows usually don’t come with locks, but locks can be easily added to them to help boost your security and peace of mind. Bars and grates can also be added, either inside or outside, to take your security levels to the maximum.

Casement Windows can be installed with both float glass and shatterproof glass (recommended). Shatterproof glass which is also known as laminated safety glass consists of two pieces of glass stuck together by a piece of vinyl and this is what makes it safety glass. This type of glass doesn’t break easily on impact, it will only crack. This feature adds more to the safety of casement windows.




There are many reasons why you might want to consider having casement windows installed on your home. In addition to their impressive safety and security features, casement windows also provide a better view than many other types of windows because nothing obstructs the view. They’re also very energy efficient, offer excellent ventilation and they’re one of the easiest types of windows to operate.



With everything mentioned above, we always advise our client to look out for those trying to sell the “Light” Aluminium which is the cheaper option. This type of aluminium look and feels like real aluminium however it is much thinner, making it very easy for intruders to bend and or damage.

It’s only a pity that even though we are all trying to save money, most client only realize months after the window have been installed that their window feel fragile, they let in a lot of wind and sometimes water.

Remember whatever decision you take when you choose type of windows, take into consideration that safety of your family matters more than beauty but casement windows also come with beauty nevertheless, at Nzima Glass and Aluminium, we can provide that to you and your company, and you can trust us with your safety after the installation process is done.

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