Aluminium windows and Doors or Wooden doors in 2021 Free pros & cons

Aluminium windows and Doors

Aluminium windows and Doors or Wooden doors in 2021

Did you know that aluminium is used in over 80% of residential applications and almost 99% in the commercial sector?


As a home owner building your dream home or wanting to upgrade the aesthetics of your current home you may wonder why it is, when it comes to windows and doors, the usual leading option is aluminium. While wooden frames may have a certain (limited) appeal, we know that the pros of aluminium windows and aluminium doors are much longer than the pros of wooden frame windows and doors.


Let’s start with the very short list of the pros of wooden frames:

The classic look of wood: That undeniable classic natural look is very aesthetically pleasing.

Unfortunately, that is where the pros end. Here is a list of the cons of wooden frame windows and doors:


Wooden frames are NOT eco-friendly!

When even retailers like Woolworths have done away with single use plastic bags, you should know that this is major.

Forests can take twenty or more years to grow back. It’s a wonder that wooden frames stuck around for as long as they did.

Poor Insulation

Usually, even when the utmost care is taken by a well-meaning contractor, wood in its nature may leave gaps. In winter or the rainy season what seemed like the slightest gap may come back to haunt you and prove to be a nightmare on your utility bill. This may result in the need for additional insulation which means more costs.

Fading coatings lead to damage

Wooden windows and doors require treatment and coating such as staining or varnishing to protect them against the elements. Over time these coatings can fade, crack or peel resulting in an added investment of time and money to keep them in good condition.

Because of its nature, poorly treated wood may absorb rain and swell which would need to be dried and sanded and reshaped.

Extra Pest control is needed.

Extra pest control is needed to avoid the possibility of damage from termites. Not worth the headache in our opinion.

Good quality wood is expensive

Finding good quality hardwoods is also becoming more difficult and expensive. The less dense woods of today need to be maintained even more frequently.


Now that we have shown that the classic wooden frame should be left in the past, Let’s explore why aluminium windows have become the go-to choose for homeowners as well as architects designing new houses.


Aluminium windows and doors Benefits

aluminium windows and doors
aluminium windows and doors

Aluminium frames are 100% recyclable!

*The recycling process takes only 5% of the initial energy spent to manufacture aluminium frames.

Aluminium is energy efficient

when combined with appropriate performance glass such option is low-e glass, the energy efficiency of aluminium windows and aluminium doors is impressive, Aluminium frames can also be fitted with double glazing, which is steadily increasing in popularity due to its properties of heat insulation.

Aluminium offers Custom style and more design flexibility than wood

Because aluminium is precision cut and joined, aluminium windows and aluminium doors can be manufactured in a number of different styles.

Aluminium windows and doors are available in a wide range of colours and finishes

Firstly, there is the natural anodised (silver) finish. Then there are a range of standard powder coated colours, the most popular being white, bronze, charcoal and black.

Strong and Durable

As mentioned in Energy Education, aluminium is a lightweight, yet highly durable low-density metal. It does not rust, and is highly resistant to corrosion.

Low Maintenance

Aluminium windows and doors frames require virtually no maintenance This is yet another reason homeowners prefer aluminium windows and doors.

Overall Value for Money

Given all the factors listed above, it’s clear that aluminium windows and doors offer great value for money for homeowners, whether it is for a new house or for upgrading an existing property. They represent a modern option with a wide range of advantages.



aluminium windows and aluminium doors are a once-in-a-lifetime investment and deliver long term value, while remaining an affordable alternative.

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